We came from all over the USA. Just simple teenage boys from all walks of life. We enlisted in the Army, and became soldiers. Our advanced military training went a step further then most men in the army. We were trained to use special Atomic Demolition Munitions, or ADM’s.

They called us “The Cream of the Crop”, and “The Best of the Best”, and at times, one might actually believe that. Under commanders like 1st Sgt. Charlie Waters and 1st Sgt. Bill Knowell, Lt. Col Carl Magnell, Major Lloyd Brown and Major James Glock we truly believed we were something special.

But when we were off duty, we were more like family. We were a close knit group of guys who knew how to do our job well, and how to party hard when the work was done.

Many of us have fond memories from those “good ole’ days”, and although most of those memories have sunk to the deep recesses of our minds, they are still there.


Recently, several of us have been able to contact each other and we are looking for more fellow 567th members or any other ADMer’s to join us in a reunion. Click the “Reunion” link at the left for more information.

Our Military Mission

Our military mission was to deny, block & canalize the enemy. If we took enemy lives in the process, that was called a bonus effect.

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