Reunion 2013

People have been asking for another reunion. But before we expend a lot of time & energy, I want to know who ELSE wants a reunion.  I believe a successful reunion needs at least 20 people so chances that at least two of us served in the same unit at the same time.


Reunion 2004 was fantastic because it was the first chance that a lot of got to see each other or even speak to each other since we served together.


Reunion 2006 was great because Gene Arial was able to attend. Most of us old timers remember Gene. After all, he was unforgettable.  Unfortunately, Gene has passed away and can’t join us next time. There are a lot of other Army friends I would love to see again before I (or they) die.


You must remember at least one special friend for your time in the army. Lets share some names and organize another great reunion.


I want to know how bad you want this. Please complete the following survey:

Which part of the country would prefer a 2013 reunion be held

How much would you be willing to spend on attending a reunion?

How long would want the reunion to last? Past reunions have been 2 nights. One day to trickle in on your own, one day for the reunion and the third day to leave at your convenience.

Which would you prefer?

What time of year would you prefer to attend a reunion?